How to Store Contact Form 7 Data to Google Sheets

How to Store Contact Form 7 Data to Google Sheets

Contact us page is necessary for every blog, websites, and services which allows visitors to contact you regarding any issue or information. When it comes to WordPress, there are dozens of Contact plugins available but only a few works as per the expectations. Contact Form 7 plugin is one of the most simple and smart WordPress plugins for contact us page.

The only negative part about the Contact Form 7 plugin is that it does not store the form data. You need to do other arrangements in order to store Contact Form 7 data.

In this post, I will be writing about storing the Contact Form 7 data in Google Sheet using another plugin called CF7 Google Sheets Connector. Let’s get started…

Installing “Contact Form 7”

Contact Form 7 - WordPress PluginFirst of all, you will need to install the contact plugin which is called Contact Form 7.

After installing the plugin you need to create one form as per your requirements by going to Contact Form 7 plugin you just installed and clicking on the Add New button as shown in the image below. After creating the form copy the shortcode and paste where you want to show this form on your website. You can either paste this shortcode to a text widget in the sidebar, a post/page or in any popup plugin.

Edit Contact Form - digiTechnolog - WordPress

Since you have created a contact form, now comes the second part of this tutorial; integrating the Contact Form 7 with Google Sheet.

Integrating Contact Form 7 with Google Sheet

To integrate you’ll need to install a plugin called CF7 Google Sheets Connector. Go to CF7 Google Sheets Connector settings and click on the Get Code which will take you to CF7 authorization with Google sheet page and ask you to login and authorize with your Google account where your form data will be saved.

Authorize CF7 with Google Sheet

After login with your Google ID, it will ask you for permission to view and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drives, allow by clicking the allow button.

Since you have logged in and authorized the CF7 Google Sheets Connector plugin to view and manage your spreadsheets, here comes the last and main step.

Here’s a step-to-step video guide on How to Store Contact Form 7 Data to the Google Sheets without Losing Anything:

[Note that the video is in the Hindi Language]

Setting Up CF7 and Google Sheet

  • Steps to do in the Google Spreadsheet

  1. Open in your browser which will ask you to login with the Google account you just verified CF7 with, if not already logged in.
  2. Create a new sheet and name it anything you want.
  3. Rename the tab below on which you want to capture the data.
  4. In Google Sheets, provide the Columns name in Row 1. Name the first column as Date if you want to keep the record of date. For further columns, name it as the form tags from the Contact Form 7. (For eg. “your-name”, “your-email”, “your-subject”, “your-message”, etc).

CF7 to Google Sheet Integration

Steps to do in the WordPress Admin

  1. Go to Contact Form 7 dashboard click on the form you had created in the first step and go to the Google Sheets tab inside the dashboard.
  2. There should be two fields asking “Google Sheet Name” and “Google Sheet Tab Name”. Fill out both the details. In the field, Google Sheet Name, fill the name of the spreadsheet name you just created and in the Google Sheet Tab Name, write the name of the tab you just created in the Google Sheets.

You can understand better with the image below.

CF7 to Google Sheet Integration Tab Name

After this, you’re done.

You should be very careful while naming. This plugin may not save your data if names in the Google Sheets and CF7 (Contact Form 7) do not match with each other. Note that naming is NOT case sensitive.


You can now test the setup by filling and submitting the contact form you created. When you fill the form with required details, the data will immediately appear in the Google Sheet of your Google account.

If you encounter any difficulties while setting up, feel free to comment down below.

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