Using desktop email client is a better way of dealing with dozens of emails from multiple email accounts every day. You can access your emails anytime even when you are not connected to the internet. Mozilla’s Thunderbird is such a desktop email client for both Linux as well as Windows.

In this article, I’m gonna show you how to send multiple personalized emails using Thunderbird desktop email client.

Sometimes we need to send multiple personalized emails at once for a birthday party invitation or any meeting. It becomes so painful to send dozens or hundreds of emails one by one. Thunderbird comes handy in that case, using its mail merge feature you can easily send even hundreds of emails in just a matter of time.

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For sending personalized emails to a number of contacts, first of all, you will need a CSV (.csv) file which should contain Names and Emails of all the contacts whom you want to send emails in two different columns. You can use MS Excel or Google Sheets for creating the CSV file. You can keep the first column for writing Names and the second column for writing Emails or vice-versa, and download/save the file in .csv format. You need to remember the column names for both name and email field as you’ll need it while sending the multiple emails. Take a look at below image for example.

Setup Google Sheets for Multiple Emails

Since you have created this type of spreadsheet using Google Sheets or MS Excel, now its time to save the file in .csv format as in the picture below.

Export Google Sheets as .CSV

You can choose to save as option to create CSV file using Microsoft Excel almost the same way as it is shown in the above image.

Since you have created the spreadsheet and exported it to the .csv file, now comes the main part…

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Create Template and Send Multiple Emails

Now, you need to install and setup Thunderbird if you haven’t already setup using your email address. You can use your Gmail, Yahoo and any other email account for logging into the Thunderbird email client. You can even use your domain email for setting up the Thunderbird.

Since you’ve set up the email client, now open Thunderbird and click on the Write button which appears to be somewhere in the left upper part.Click Write inside the Thunderbird Email Client

After you click on the Write button, a new window with from, to, subject and text-area will open which you should use for writing and designing your email.

If you use multiple email IDs inside Thunderbird then select the email ID from which you want to send the multiple emails in the From field. If you’ve added a single email ID then your email will already be selected in the From field.

In the To field, you’ll have to write the column name that you had put in the MS Excel/Google Sheets while creating the CSV file. In this post, we had used Email as the column name. If you had put your column name as Email then your To field will look something like this:


Now comes the Subject field. In this field, you can write the subject for sending the email. If you want the name of the person should be in the subject field, then include the column name for the name column inside the double curly braces like you put the email in the To field above. For example:

Hey {{Name}}! Birthday Invitation

After that, write the full email, that you want to send, in the text field below the subject field. You can personalize the email by using the {{Name}} & {{Email}} wherever it may apply and these will be converted by the real names and emails that you had written in the CSV file. For example:

Hey {{Name}},
We've organized a birthday party for Joey's birthday tomorrow @ 6 PM.
Your attendance is compulsory.


All these are shown in the image below for example:Design Template for Sending Emails from Thunderbird

Now, click on the drop-down menu on the left-upper corner of the window and click the Mail Merge.Mail Merge in the Thunderbird

After you click on the Mail Merge, another pop-up window will open. In the Source field select CSV and in the File field click on the Browse button and select the CSV file that you had created earlier. After that click on OK and done…Mail Merge Window of Thunderbird Email Client

As soon you click on the OK button, Mail Merge will start running and sending all your emails one-by-one soon.

You can download the Spreadsheet used in this post in MS Excel format by clicking the link below.

Download CSV file Used in This Post Here.

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